TENS Units For Back Pain Relief

There is a new answer for pain relief (specifically for back pain), and it doesn’t include taking pills. For lots of people, swallowing tablets can be difficult, painful, or just plain bothersome. They can be a bit hassle, and they’re easy to forget when you’re in a hurry. So, a TENS unit may be the answer. And what exactly is a TENS unit? TENS or TNS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is an electric current that passes through the body by electrodes that are taped to the skin. The TENS unit is a little box, operated by batteries, and about the size of an MP3 player. A TENS unit has been compared to acupuncture and the pain relief it offers can last from a few hours up to a couple days. Having a TENS unit for back pain can be life changing, and is worth a shot for anyone who suffers with the discomfort of back trouble.

So, how does a TENS unit for back pain work? Since a TENS unit is an electrical current, it is easy to understand how it the pain relief functions. Once the current enters your body, it stimulates your nerves. This stimulation is able to confuse the brain into thinking that the pain is gone. Another way the TENS unit for back pain works is through endorphins. Once nerves in the body are stimulated, the endorphins release natural pain relief throughout the body. After having your body treated to a ‘charge’ from a TENS unit your pain can vanish for a few hours or days of comfort.

TENS Units Aide in Relieving Back Pain

TENS Units Aide in Relieving Back Pain

Using a TENS unit for back pain is worth a shot. No matter if you suffer from mild pain to severe, crippling agony, a TENS unit can help. It may not be a permanent answer, and it may not help for weeks at a time, but it will give you some relief. Even pills don’t keep the pain away for long. And if there is a chance that a TENS unit for back pain can last for hours or days, you should definitely try it. There’s nothing to lose, but the pain.

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