Muscle Stimulator / TENS Machine Safety

Electronic muscle boosters are being used on a much more consistent basis with doctor’s offices and clinics, but also in most physiotherapy rooms and treatment centers. The ability of these machines to provide relief for — and in some cases even remedy - back as well as muscle pain, means that these machines will be in make use of for many years to come. Utilized in beauty salons, fitness and health facilities, and by physiotherapists treating workplace injuires and other muscle and nerve ailments, the electronic muscle activator has become an essential therapy tool.

This isn’t just for treating muscle injuries and back muscle mass pain, however. These types of instruments are generally known as TENS machines (Transcutaneous Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and therefore are a drug-free way to handle all sorts of muscle as well as nerve pain. The instrument uses a low frequency and mild voltage to provide a prickling sensation rather than an electric jolt to provide a stroking, deep pulsating feeling within the affected nerve and muscle places. By applying the electrodes straight to the pain area, the actual TENS machine can quickly provide a high level associated with pain relief and can, generally, remove the pain altogether after just a few periods. Chronic pain could be alleviated during these periods because of the way that the TENS machine interrupts the pain transmitters sending signals towards the brain.

Anyone who can do a low-level exercise routine can benefit from a session and it is perfectly safe for most of us. Some people should not use the TENS machine should they have pace makers, are pregnant, have heart disease, have metal pins or plates within their body, have diabetic issues or high blood pressure, or have cancerous skin lesions. As with any form of new treatment regimens, it is absolutely essential that you speak things over with your physician before starting any therapy.

Electronic muscle stimulators work by sending tiny electrical impulses through electrodes set on the affected area of the physique. These electrodes are generally attached to the skin along with adhesive tape to keep the surface of the electrode in constant contact with the skin. In this manner, the underlying nerves as well as muscles are lightly stimulated during the therapy. As the electrical signals pass through the skin and contact with the nerves, the pain receptors in the nerve fibers are temporarily blocked, shutting off the pain transmitters to the brain. Additionally they promote the release associated with endorphins in the body, which are chemicals that behave as the body’s natural discomfort blocking mechanism. Individuals recovering from strokes and people who’ve had muscle and nerve damage find that the treatments have a profound effect on the way that their bodies recover.

When properly used, these instruments are completely safe but again, this sort of treatment should only be carried out after consulting with your doctor or health care professional. Many people with persistent pain conditions find almost instant alleviation by having regular remedies. The treatments are so popular and safe that many people with chronic discomfort administer the treatment themselves in their own home.

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