The effectiveness of TENS Machines for pain relief

One of the more popular medication free methods to control pain is the use of a TENS machine. TENS (transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation) are available with out prescription and secure and easy to to use. There are a wide range of devices available for home use which range from a simple machine with regard to pain at around $20 in order to more than $300 for a twin channel machines which includes muscle excitement functionality.

How Does a TENS Machine Work?

Electrodes are placed on the skin (and so the name transcutaneous) and the nerves triggered by a small electric pulse. At a high pulse rate it has the effect of blocking the impulses which transmit pain communications to the brain. In addition a low pulse price can be used which stimulates the production of the body’s own pain suppressing hormones, endorphins. The handheld TENS unit can be used to control the intensity of the impulses, the pulse rate and the period the stimulation is applied. It is usually recommended the unit is used for twenty minutes to thirty minutes during which time the pain is blocked by the electric impulses. pain relief however persists after changing off the unit due to the production of endorphins.

What Type of Pain Does a TENS Machine Block?

The most effective use of these machines is for the alleviation of chronic discomfort from joints, muscle tissue or nerves and is not recommended for pain using their company conditions such as appendicitis, hepatitis etc. For those with chronic pain that require strong drugs for relief TENS can be quite effective and is a good alternative to increasing the level of painkillers required.

Do you need TENS During Labor?

TENS is becoming increasingly popular as a non drug method to help control labor pain. The actual electrodes are placed on the back again and the intensity controlled by the woman within labor. As the degree of pain during work increases the intensity of the actual stimulation can be increased accordingly giving the woman’s complete control. During labor the machine is often used in two ways. During a contraction a higher pulse rate is accustomed to block the pain and between contractions a lower pulse rate is used to stimulate endorphin production which in turn helps you to lower the pain of contractions. TENS can be used from the beginning of labor, prior to the pain has increased in order to stimulate endorphin production. This really is more effective than waiting around until labor is more advanced. One extreme caution we should mention here is that the use of Hundreds machines before the 37th 7 days of pregnancy has not been shown to be safe for the developing foetus so should not be used.

How Safe is actually TENS?

Using a TENS machine is safe provided you follow the security guidelines. You should not make use of this method if you have epilepsy or even have a heart pacemaker as the electrical stimulation can disrupt it. For those who have pain then you must always consult a physician to identify the cause before you use TENS. It should not be used for pain from underlying medical conditions such as appendicitis or anyone who has heart disease unless of course recommended by your physician.

Never use the electrodes:

In the mouth
on the crotch
on broken pores and skin or wounds
upon each temple
close to the eyes or on the head
on areas of skin that are reduce or desensitised

The use of a TENS machine is a safe, effective, no drug method of respite from chronic pain. Always make sure your pain continues to be diagnosed by a competent medical practitioner before you use TENS and follow the security guidelines that are released with your machine.

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