No Pills Pain Relief - How To Use TENS Units

Firstly and most importantly, you should not use a TENS machine if you are pregnant or have an implant such as a pacemaker without approval from your doctor. TENS machines are often used during labor; however your doctor may advise against you using a TENS machine during the early stages of pregnancy. Do not use a TENS machine in a way that is painful or in a way that causes significant discomfort. If you develop a skin rash you should discontinue use and consult your doctor. Do not place TENS pads either side of the heart or the brain. Epileptic patients should not use a TENS machine. TENS units are not recommended for all kinds of pain.

Before using a TENS unit ensure you thoroughly clean the application area of skin and remove any excess hair if possible. Hair and dirt will reduce the electrical conductivity of the TENS (electrode) pads and will also reduce the working lifetimes of the pads. For best results, thoroughly clean skin with soap and water, dry and then swab with an alcohol based wipe. This helps to remove dirt and grease from the skin.

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Tens units have a power control, electrical current (Amps) are controlled either by turning a knob or by using buttons on the unit. Generally speaking the farther apart you place the pads the more current you will need to achieve the same result. Where possible do not place the pads too closely together, many users find a distance between the pads of at least 5CM to be the most effective. When placing the TENS pads you can place the pads along the fiber of the underlying muscle, this position is used to repair broken or damaged muscle and is usually the recommended position suggested by physiotherapists. Bodybuilders and athletes may place pads either side of the muscle in order to increase muscle size and strength.

Before using a TENS machine you must speak with your doctor to ensure it is safe to use with your medical condition.

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