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Interferential therapy (IFT) can help to massage damaged or strained muscles, by means of a low frequency current. Passing the current through the muscles causes the secretion of endorphins, which helps to heal tissue, and anyone interested in employing this technique can find interferential units for sale.

IFT units have several uses. They can be used for therapy, to help to deal with such things as stress and incontinence, and they are also widely used to stimulate muscles, reduce edema, and generally reduce pain. These units are designed to be portable, and cause mimimum discomfort, as they use a very low frequency current.

interferential unit for sale from LG Med

interferential unit for sale from LG Med

Medical supply stores are an excellent source of both home and professional interferential units, and there are also many websites that specialize in this equipment. IFT is an effective method of therapy, and for anyone interested in recovery, but on a budget, it can be an affordable and effective solution.

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