Feel Better Fast with E-Stim Units

One of the biggest problems in dealing with medical rehabilitation is that the patients have frequently been bedridden or have been immobilized in full or in part for some period of time. This lack of activity leads to muscular atrophy, which can take an extremely long period of time to recover from. One way of defeating this loss of muscle tone is through the process of electrical muscular stimulation, or e-stim as it is commonly known.

E-stim Units from LG Med Supply

E-stim Units from LG Med Supply

E-stim units are simply low voltage generators that put out a benign current which is enough to trigger nerve signals to the muscles but not enough to harm the patient. E-stim units generally have several different electrodes available, which are applied to the area of the body to be stimulated on a spot covered with a hypoallergenic gel. This gel keeps the electrodes snugly in place and also serves as a superior conductor that more easily transfers current from the e-stim unit to the muscle group it is intended to treat.

The e-stim current itself is administered in the form of a gentle pulsation that triggers the muscles to contract and release at rapid intervals. These cycles provide a form of involuntary muscular exercise that does not require any physical or mental effort on the part of the patient. In addition to its use as a rehabilitative tool, e-stim units are often used in chiropractic treatment to relax tight muscle groups prior to their being worked on by the doctor.

E-stim units provide a generally pleasant sensation at lower settings and can easily put the patient to sleep in much the same way as a good massage will do. At higher settings, it can be anything from a sharp tickle to a nearly unwelcome shock that is very effective but hardly restful. For those unfamiliar with it, the feel of a cell phone set on vibrate is not dissimilar to the sensation created.

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