‘Profile’ TENS Unit - A Must for Health Professionals

Do you use TENS units in your healthcare practice?
If not, I advise you to research the eye opening results of TENS units’ effectiveness in pain relief for many conditions ranging from back pain to arthritis. The physical effects of the electrical stimulation, coupled with the psychological effects of the patient having control over their pain, can take months off of recovery time producing a happy patient likely to refer you to others.
If you already use TENS in your practice you will know how effective they can be. However, health care providers can only advise a patient how to take a course of medicine, how and when to use physiotherapy equipment or do certain stretches etc and how to use a TENS unit. There is no saying as to whether their guidelines are followed; you have only their word to trust, and anyone who has been a patient knows, it sometimes feels better to expand the truth to not appear negatively in front of your practitioner.
A ‘Profile’ TENS unit is a patient’s AND health professional’s dream. It has all the features and more of the other TENS units for a highly effective treatment: it can treat two areas of pain, has 50 options of pulse rate, 10 options of pulse width and a timer with 7 selectable settings. It boasts 5 different ‘modes’ which are pre-programmed treatments including different pulse rates, widths and bursts. Its digital interface makes it smoother to use and clearer to read and it has an anti-shock system preventing harm from an accidental drop.
However, where it REALLY rises above other TENS units is in its area of ‘professional’ functions beneficial to the healthcare provider. Professional Function 1 records how long the unit is used for. It boasts a 99 hour memory of usage for the health professional to be able to see exactly what the patient has done since the last meeting. Professional Function 2 memorizes how many times the unit is used and Professional Function 3 locks the device at a particular setting required by the health professional so the patient only has to hit ‘play’. Combine these professional functions and you have a highly useful, effective complimentary treatment that works for both patient and healthcare provider.

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