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4 Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Many people deal with chronic pain on a near daily basis. For lot’s of those people, the worst is chronic back pain. Back pain can be disabling and make an otherwise healthy person feel completely depleted of energy and unable to perform day to day tasks. In this post, we’ll look at the 4 biggest reasons for back pain.

1. Sports & Work Related Injuries - From sports to work, an injury is a big cause for chronic back pain. These kinds of causes are usually lifting accidents or using improper technique during an exercise. Use caution and follow proper safety instructions when working or playing.

2. Acquired Conditions or Diseases - When you think of back pain from a disease, scoliosis or arthritis is the first thing that comes to mind. Also, pregnancy, kidney stones, and other conditions can cause chronic back pain because of the drastic change to the body.

3. Infections - Although not as common as the other causes of back pain, an infection in the spine or vertebrae can cause a debilitating condition. Similar to infections, tumors can mis-align vertebrae and cause chronic back pain.

4. Mechanical Issues -  Pain from mechanical issues can be narrowed down to a persons locomotion or the way the move during certain activities. Another source can be from their posture. If sitting for long periods of time in a poor position, mechanical problems can occur and cause chronic back pain.

One can relieve chronic back pain with the use of TENS units, muscle stimulators, and EMS technology. Use under the suggestion of a physician and use cautiously. While TENS therapy won’t be the cure for the problem, it can provide some temporary pain relief. Consult with a doctor to find a long-term solution for the pain.

relieve the causes of back pain with TENS units

relieve the causes of back pain with TENS units