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Why Choose TENS Machines for Pain?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

No normal person can tolerate body pains, even those with high pain tolerance. As much as possible we use something to relieve the pain, if not pain pills such as ibuprofen and the likes, we apply mentholated oils and ointments. Body massage, reflexology, acupuncture are also few of the physical treatments we use to alleviate the discomfort we experience.
We know for a fact that taking pain pills often may cause us to depend on it and might even get ourselves immune to the medicine. On the other hand, oil and ointment application is not always effective and can irritate our skin in the long run. Body massage, acupuncture and other similar type of treatments can help ease the pain and at the same time relaxing, but not too budget-friendly especially if you need it often.
How about devices for pain relief? Have you heard about TENS machines?

TENS unit or TENS machine is a device with paddings that helps treat body pains through electric impulses that are delivered to specific parts of the body which blocks pain signals preventing them to reach the brain. Normally this device comes in handy and for different purposes.

The types of body pains that are recommended for TENS machines are arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pains. There are TENS units that could be used for headaches such as the electro-acupuncture type. TENS machines can also be used and recommended for labor pains, as well as dental pains. However, Tens machine use is not recommended for pains associated with cuts and burns.
TENS units, aside from the pain relief action, also gives a pampering and relaxing feeling to the user. It stimulates the muscle and nerves particularly the pressure points when the electrode pads are placed on the surface of the skin on the affected area. You can consider it as a nice buy and worth the money because the stimulation action also helps relieve stress. There are also evidences that shows how TENS units can help release endorphins in the body.
Having TENS machine in your home is a necessity nowadays because the whole family can make use of it. As technology advances, different TENS machine types are becoming available such as the sports TENS machines and mini TENS machines that you can bring with you anywhere you go. You can purchase the type you need for your lifestyle, and surely there is one that will suit you.
If body pains are not treated properly, there is a possibility for it to lead to something more serious. TENS machines could be a healthier choice compared to those other pain treatments mentioned on the first paragraph. At least, through TENS machine, no need for you to intake different kinds of pain medicines, or if you need so, lower dosage may be taken. You also don’t need to book for a massage or acupuncture schedule because TENS machine could give you the same benefits.

Will Interferential Units Replace TENS Machines?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulators ( TENS unit - TNS unit - Pain Machine) are small, battery powered devices that are worn on the body and emit up to 150 electrical impulses per second to control pain. The devices were widely prescribed during the 1980’s by physical therapists and medical doctors as a last means of helping the chronic pain patient. There was generally a trial period for each patient to determine if the tens unit would provide relief sufficient to justify daily, continuous use and/or purchase by an insurance company.

The big drawback was the unit was only effective if the patient was wearing it and upon turning the pain machine off the pain quickly returned. It was used for symptomatic relief, not curative relief. Constant usage also meant constant need for the electrodes which were/are a continuing cost.

Today interferential pain machines are supplanting tens unit for one simple reason, carryover pain relief. An interferential unit only requires a patient to do a 20 - 40 minute treatment possibly going from 2x daily to as little an once per month to stop the pain transmission. The machine emit up to 8,150 impulses per second, which is considerably more than a simple tens unit. This is changing the way chronic pain patients are being treated.

interferential therapy unit

The carryover, or residual, pain relief is lasting for days/weeks and apparently is changing the underlying chemical composition of pain stimulus so the treatment is becoming curative, not treating the symptom of pain. Interferential patients are needing only 4 - 8 electrodes per month due to the infrequent use and this is saving pain patients and insurance companies enough to justify the higher cost of the interferential unit up front, but not as costly as continuous operation of a tens unit.

Information on Electrodes

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

TENS electrodes or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Electrodes are generally one of the most important parts of the TENS machine. These electrodes are attached to a TENS machine by wire. Most of the machines are usually battery operated and a mild current that travels to the thin wire from the machine to the patients would help improve the condition of the patients. TENS can be used for pain management for those who experience muscle and joint pain. More to that, for patients who just undergone surgery, the effect of the therapy will help alleviate discomfort.

Generally, TENS electrodes are attached to the patients skin for stimulation. They are always held intact on the skin with the use of a sticky patch placed at the end of the electrodes. When electrical impulses pass from the machine to the patients’ nerve, it blocks the pain signal before reaching the brain.

It is very vital to consider the proper placement of the TENS pads over the patients. If during the treatment, the pads are improperly placed, patients’ pain scale will heighten. Following surgery, pads are placed around the surgical wound. Moreover, electrodes are also recommended to settle it on the skin just between the brain and the affected area for long term pain management.

For physical therapists, they usually place the electrodes just above the muscles that need to be aided. This method is safe and effective especially for muscle and joint pain. The duration of this treatment depends upon the condition of the patients. On the other hand, patients who had undergone surgical operation receive the therapy for three to five days in the hospital. For home pain management, this therapy can also be possible with the guidance of a trained caregiver.

When patients experience constant pain scale of 8/10 -10/10, it needs to be addressed immediately because severe pain can jeopardize the condition of the patients especially those with heart problems. Heart rate, blood pressure and breathing will hike up. Moreover, with the advent of TENS, patients will experience soothing and relaxing effects without the use of drugs. On the hand, these machines that are available in the market are proven to promote comfort.

TENS therapy is safe and effective because it offers total relief for patients who experience chronic and acute pain. Without TENS electrodes, it is impossible for the mild electrical current to run through the wire going to the patients nerve for stimulation. These electrodes are responsible for maintaining the patients’ optimum wellness during the entire treatment.

TENS Electrodes / Pads

The effectiveness of TENS Machines for pain relief

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

One of the more popular medication free methods to control pain is the use of a TENS machine. TENS (transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation) are available with out prescription and secure and easy to to use. There are a wide range of devices available for home use which range from a simple machine with regard to pain at around $20 in order to more than $300 for a twin channel machines which includes muscle excitement functionality.

How Does a TENS Machine Work?

Electrodes are placed on the skin (and so the name transcutaneous) and the nerves triggered by a small electric pulse. At a high pulse rate it has the effect of blocking the impulses which transmit pain communications to the brain. In addition a low pulse price can be used which stimulates the production of the body’s own pain suppressing hormones, endorphins. The handheld TENS unit can be used to control the intensity of the impulses, the pulse rate and the period the stimulation is applied. It is usually recommended the unit is used for twenty minutes to thirty minutes during which time the pain is blocked by the electric impulses. pain relief however persists after changing off the unit due to the production of endorphins.

What Type of Pain Does a TENS Machine Block?

The most effective use of these machines is for the alleviation of chronic discomfort from joints, muscle tissue or nerves and is not recommended for pain using their company conditions such as appendicitis, hepatitis etc. For those with chronic pain that require strong drugs for relief TENS can be quite effective and is a good alternative to increasing the level of painkillers required.

Do you need TENS During Labor?

TENS is becoming increasingly popular as a non drug method to help control labor pain. The actual electrodes are placed on the back again and the intensity controlled by the woman within labor. As the degree of pain during work increases the intensity of the actual stimulation can be increased accordingly giving the woman’s complete control. During labor the machine is often used in two ways. During a contraction a higher pulse rate is accustomed to block the pain and between contractions a lower pulse rate is used to stimulate endorphin production which in turn helps you to lower the pain of contractions. TENS can be used from the beginning of labor, prior to the pain has increased in order to stimulate endorphin production. This really is more effective than waiting around until labor is more advanced. One extreme caution we should mention here is that the use of Hundreds machines before the 37th 7 days of pregnancy has not been shown to be safe for the developing foetus so should not be used.

How Safe is actually TENS?

Using a TENS machine is safe provided you follow the security guidelines. You should not make use of this method if you have epilepsy or even have a heart pacemaker as the electrical stimulation can disrupt it. For those who have pain then you must always consult a physician to identify the cause before you use TENS. It should not be used for pain from underlying medical conditions such as appendicitis or anyone who has heart disease unless of course recommended by your physician.

Never use the electrodes:

In the mouth
on the crotch
on broken pores and skin or wounds
upon each temple
close to the eyes or on the head
on areas of skin that are reduce or desensitised

The use of a TENS machine is a safe, effective, no drug method of respite from chronic pain. Always make sure your pain continues to be diagnosed by a competent medical practitioner before you use TENS and follow the security guidelines that are released with your machine.

Muscle Stimulator / TENS Machine Safety

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Electronic muscle boosters are being used on a much more consistent basis with doctor’s offices and clinics, but also in most physiotherapy rooms and treatment centers. The ability of these machines to provide relief for — and in some cases even remedy - back as well as muscle pain, means that these machines will be in make use of for many years to come. Utilized in beauty salons, fitness and health facilities, and by physiotherapists treating workplace injuires and other muscle and nerve ailments, the electronic muscle activator has become an essential therapy tool.

This isn’t just for treating muscle injuries and back muscle mass pain, however. These types of instruments are generally known as TENS machines (Transcutaneous Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and therefore are a drug-free way to handle all sorts of muscle as well as nerve pain. The instrument uses a low frequency and mild voltage to provide a prickling sensation rather than an electric jolt to provide a stroking, deep pulsating feeling within the affected nerve and muscle places. By applying the electrodes straight to the pain area, the actual TENS machine can quickly provide a high level associated with pain relief and can, generally, remove the pain altogether after just a few periods. Chronic pain could be alleviated during these periods because of the way that the TENS machine interrupts the pain transmitters sending signals towards the brain.

Anyone who can do a low-level exercise routine can benefit from a session and it is perfectly safe for most of us. Some people should not use the TENS machine should they have pace makers, are pregnant, have heart disease, have metal pins or plates within their body, have diabetic issues or high blood pressure, or have cancerous skin lesions. As with any form of new treatment regimens, it is absolutely essential that you speak things over with your physician before starting any therapy.

Electronic muscle stimulators work by sending tiny electrical impulses through electrodes set on the affected area of the physique. These electrodes are generally attached to the skin along with adhesive tape to keep the surface of the electrode in constant contact with the skin. In this manner, the underlying nerves as well as muscles are lightly stimulated during the therapy. As the electrical signals pass through the skin and contact with the nerves, the pain receptors in the nerve fibers are temporarily blocked, shutting off the pain transmitters to the brain. Additionally they promote the release associated with endorphins in the body, which are chemicals that behave as the body’s natural discomfort blocking mechanism. Individuals recovering from strokes and people who’ve had muscle and nerve damage find that the treatments have a profound effect on the way that their bodies recover.

When properly used, these instruments are completely safe but again, this sort of treatment should only be carried out after consulting with your doctor or health care professional. Many people with persistent pain conditions find almost instant alleviation by having regular remedies. The treatments are so popular and safe that many people with chronic discomfort administer the treatment themselves in their own home.