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TENS Unit Hire - Advantages and Disadvantages

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Looking for the perfect pain relief can prove to be an arduous job. If you’ve already tried numerous pain relief pills, pads and creams that are offered on the market today, then it’s time that you set your eyes towards a much more effective, although unconventional answer. Want to know more on such a TENS machine employ can do to relieve a person for chronic pain? Here’s a short post that will teach you from the advantages and disadvantages of a it.

But first, let’s discuss what a TENS machine is capable of doing. Making use of the technology called Transcutaneous Digital Nerve stimulation, the Tens machine hire basically stimulates the muscle using electrodes in order for the pain to go away. Various wavelengths and intensities associated with electrical current tend to be passed through these electrodes to block pain signals coming from the nerve channels. Since the electrical doses come in bearable amounts, it targets pain in the root without causing any harmful negative effects.

A basic Tens Machine hire consists of a manage unit, a number of electrodes as well as an easy instructional guide that will teach you how you can properly work the equipment. Be sure to choose a device that is appropriate for the condition that you seek pain relief as there are some models that can support more than eight electrodes. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional if you have any kind of concerns about this if you are planning to get.

If you’re continuously suffering from chronic discomfort, it might be best to invest in a machine of your own instead of rely on Tens device for hire each and every time. Although insurance doesn’t generally pay for buying a device, it’s something that you might want to consider investing in, especially if it’s given you very astounding results in yesteryear. If you’re going to wind up spending a lot of money on a Tens machine employ, you might as well get a very own unit. There are currently a number of online stores that offer the Tens unit for sale if you want to save a little bit of money, don’t forget to make a price comparison first before making an order.

What’s the Difference Between Chronic & Acute Pain?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The difference between acute and chronic pain is that acute pain happens when the body receives some kind of physical trauma (you stub your toe for example) and it sends a message from the brain that there is a problem that needs to be taken care of. The pain is called nociceptive pain and it usually subsides once you have taken care of the immediate problem and healing has started to occur.

If the physical shock to the body is really intense (for example, a person who is attacked and brutally beaten) the body will actually protect the person from an extreme level of pain by creating chemicals that block the pain sensation. A person who has survived a brutal attack or accident, for instance, often states that they felt numb during the experience itself and the pain sensations didn’t come until later.

In contrast, chronic pain has a strong emotional component to it. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for longer than six months. While it is usually brought on by an initial physical trauma, the pain lasts a lot longer than the trauma that induced it. In fact chronic pain can continue for years! I liken it to an alarm bell that went off to send a warning message and has gotten stuck in the “on” position, even though the warning no longer needs to be sent.

When I first bought my car, the alarm system was set slightly wrongly to a very sensitive position, so that the least little thing would set off the alarm and it would continue going off for hours and hours. That resembles the experience of a person with chronic pain. Their body is sending an intense alarm message that is no longer appropriate to the actual situation.

Perhaps because of the fact that there is now a disconnect between the physical trauma and the body’s somatic experience, chronic pain becomes a disorder all on its own, now known as Chronic Pain Syndrome or Disorder. As explained earlier, the difference between acute and chronic pain is that there is a strong emotional component to a person’s experience of chronic pain.

A person with chronic pain may have thoughts such as: “Why is this happening to me?”; “Will this pain ever stop?” or “What did I do to deserve this pain?” They may feel intensely angry or sad or afraid. Their physical pain starts to become linked to all of these aspects of psychological pain, and now we really have a problem!

I genuinely believe that chronic pain cannot be tackled just by medical interventions that rely on the physical aspects, such as surgeries, injections, TENS units or pain-relieving drugs. At best, these can supply a temporary band-aid but the pain always returns. The only way to really rid somebody of this disabling pain, once it has become chronic, is to tackle the emotional aspects underlying the physical sensation of pain. There are many ways to do this, including hypnotherapy, biofeedback, psychotherapy, guided imagery, yoga and spiritual practices, relaxation etc. etc.

The main message that a chronic pain sufferer needs to hear is that their pain experience is within their control. That will empower them to find and use the tools that work for them in relieving their pain. Consider using a TENS Machine Hire for relieve chronic and acute pain.

Home use of TENS units

Monday, October 24th, 2011

TENS unit therapy is easily one of the best ways to help ease pain. They are great because of their ease of use and portability; you can relieve your chronic pain at home. Most commonly, TENS units are used to treat injuries, osteoarthritis and chronic pain. You may have used a TENS machine if you have ever had physical therapy or been treated for pain relief at a chiropractors office. Home TENS use is a relatively new adaptation of technology. They are a safe and non-invasive way to relieve pain. I suggest getting approval as well as advice from a licensed physician.

Let’s look at the basics behind TENS. A TENS Unit relieves pain by sending electrical impulses by way of small electrodes placed on the skin. When used properly, it doesn’t hurt, if it does or muscles get to twitching, then the settings are too high. These electrical impulses send signals to nerve endings under the skin and on to the brain. The signal that gets sent to the brain reduces the feeling of pain and creates a tingling sensation. Many people use home tens units to reduce consumption of pain medication. Pain killers have multiple side effects, whereas, TENS units have none, so this makes them a healthier way to manage pain.

If you’re like me and are against using pain medicine, a home tens unit works great. My portable tens unit is small enough that you can use it in the car, on breaks at work, and pretty much anywhere. The portability of TENS pain relief is a huge advantage over traditional pain relief measures.

You can also choose a combination  with electrical muscle stimulation. TENS and muscle stimulators (EMS) are similar in that they both use electrical nerve stimulation to treat various injuries and conditions. Muscle stimulators work mostly for healing and rebuilding muscle. TENS is a way to temporarily ease pain. A TENS machine stimulates nerve endings and the muscle stimulator stimulates the muscle motor nerves. The combination of the two can’t be beat as far as cost and health; convenience and pain management are concerned.

Brands of Home TENS Units

Home TENS units are cost effective and can be used every day several times a day as needed. You will get plenty of use out of them and this one thing alone makes them cost effective. Prices start under $100 and go up to several hundred depending on features.

Lg Med Supply has a portable tens unit for $105 that combines both TENS and EMS. It comes with both battery and AC adapter, carrying case, belt clip, 8 programs, intensity control, pulse rate, adjustable pulse width and 3 year warranty. The warranty is 100% money back satisfaction and you can’t beat that. Rated 5 stars on Amazon with all positive reviews.

Lg Med Supply also has a home TENS unit- EMS combo for $80 that isn’t as strong in intensity as the one above with less features. It too, has all positive reviews with a 5 star rating, so if you want to compare the two just check them out on Amazon for more details.

Home TENS unit therapy is an excellent non-invasive method of pain management as long as you invest in a quality unit and use them as instructed.