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TENS & How They Help With Whiplash & Other Neck Injuries

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Lots of people experience some type of neck injuries and it is very painful. Frequently the injuries, whether it involves a vehicle crash from behind, is known to as whiplash. This kind injuries usually involves an abrupt jolt of motion forward and also the muscles immediately become inflamed and swell, protecting begins included in the inflammatory process. The very first 12 to 24 hrs commonly are not as seriously painful as the timeframe following a acute onset. It’s following the initial trauma the discomfort may become intolerable. Throughout the very first acute episode, following a trauma, its better to ice, awesome the neck area since the body has taken care of immediately the trauma and started a number of chemical responses to prevent the dangerous effects. The issue is inflammation, swelling, which started using the increase of recent chemical responses. Since the excess fluid is taken within the tissue area there’s an growth of cells and finally a rupture within the cell walls themselves that will later require repair to achieve full function. Following the swelling has stopped then warm moist warmth is an extremely wise decision to start coping with the inevitable discomfort that follows. Here are a few practical remedies in 3 easy steps…

Step One - Ice Lower/ Chill

Step one to become taken is ice, awesome lower the neck injuries area. You will have to do that since the muscles will begin swelling and you will see an accumulation of cellular liquids leading to cell/tissue destruction. A few of the destruction would be the consequence of the distressing injuries but you’ll also have additional damage because of the inflammatory response from the defense mechanisms. You will have to carefully avoid dealing with with warmth throughout the acute phase, because the warmth increases bloodstream flow and boost the swelling and injury..

You will have to perform the chill starting point quickly. Should you choose it quickly, then your swelling will subside and you will see less damage and fewer discomfort.

Step Two - Apply Warm Moist Warmth

Your next step will probably be following the first 12 - 24 hrs, once the swelling has gone away, then begin warm moist warmth for that discomfort. Without having a moist warmth pad then simply just use tepid to warm water on the towel and affect the neck area. If at all possible to be able to extend the warmth from the towel place the a bit of reflective aluminum foil outrageous to retain the warmth and never let it evaporate. Things you will want to avoid listed here are be cautious about using discomfort medicines that could leave you sleepy or groggy. To heal no need to essentially “drug yourself” from awareness. You need to avoid driving a vehicle or getting into any situation in which a quick movement, or the requirement for a fast movement reaction, may damage you. Many chronic injuries are basically acute injuries recurring again and again.

Step Three - Use Electrotherapy, ideally Interferential therapy, with moist warmth if at all possible.

The Next step is that if possible make use of a portable interferential pain machine with the moist warmth packs or maybe interferential isn’t available then make use of a standard TENS unit. This will be relevant because moist warmth provides carryover discomfort relief before the area treated manages to lose the warmth. Following the thermal warmth effects are lost, the discomfort frequently returns. The interferential treatment is called the treatment of preference for stretching the rest of the or carryover discomfort relief period of time, however TENS, transcutaneous electric nerve generators, could be worn continuously reducing discomfort. This will be significant if the carryover period is extended the muscles could be rehabilitated sooner, the discomfort upon stretching and doing the rehab. is reduced, and full flexibility is restored.

The precise steps layed out above should assist the whiplash patient experience less discomfort, gain mobility faster, and tissue repair conclude sooner. Just stay with the stages in order, for that reasons as described, while carefully staying away from the traps, problems and potential mistakes pointed out. Then pat your self on the rear and relish the benefits and rewards of getting lost the discomfort, restored the function and lessened the rehab time.

TENS Machines & Child Birth

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Regardless if you are striving for any hospital or home birth, TENS machines can behave as an excellent type of discomfort relief although you’re in the first stages of the dilation process.

How’s a TENS machine used?

TENS machines are small boxes with four wires and electrode pads, with these pads small electronic pulses are delivered to activate your own body’s natural discomfort relief responses.

This is how to make use of one:

Attach a couple of the pads underneath the line where your bra strap would usually lie and 2 just above your pants line. Just before affixing these pads you have to apply pre tens preparation gel.  After that you can either attach the clip in your tens machine to some convenient put on your clothing or contain the machine inside your hands.  Whenever you feel a contraction, push the heart beat button to transmit a digital pulse which will excite your body’s natural discomfort relief reactors.  Make use of the dial to regulate the amount of the electronic pulses in compliance with how strong your contractions are.

How can TENS machines work?

You will find two primary ideas about how exactly they work:

One theory would be that the electrical pulses prevent discomfort signals from reaching your mind.  The 2nd theory would be that the electrical pulses stimulate hormones. Hormones are feel great the body’s hormones that may combat discomfort naturally.  TENS machines will even give you complete treatments for your discomfort relief. Achieving a feeling of control throughout giving birth will help you feel well informed, the industry great discomfort management technique by itself.

When can one begin to use my TENS machine?

They may be used anytime throughout your work. Unlike types of discomfort relief for example birthing pools and epidurals, they’re not going to disturb the dilation process and midwives will recommend that you employ them just before 6cm’s. They may be used at hospital or in your own home, so wherever you choose to birth you can rely that using a TENS machine is permitted.

If you’re selecting a hospital birth it is crucial that you are renting or purchase one just before being accepted to hospital. Many hospitals won’t give a TENS machine upon your arrival since many women aren’t accepted until they’ve arrived at the greater established stages of work where they could use other kinds of discomfort relief. That doesn’t imply that you cannot play one throughout your work, it simply means that you ought to make sure you can offer one on your own.

Do you know the benefits of one?  They may be used at any time throughout your work. They will not disturb the dilation process unlike birth pools and epidurals, two types of discomfort relief that midwives are unwilling to grant just before 6cms because of the first administration of these growing the risk of getting an aided birth.  They may be utilized in hospital or in your own home. If you improve your birth plan in the last moment, you will not have wasted time by purchasing or leasing one.  You’ve complete control. Unlike an epidural you’ve treatments for when the first is used, how lengthy it lasts and you will find no lasting unwanted effects. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s not necessary to wait for this to put on off before selecting another type of discomfort relief.  They are simple to use. As long as you’re because of the proceed to make use of one after talking about your birth plan together with your midwife, you don’t need a healthcare professional around to implement using a TENS machine.  They’re portable and none invasive, which is ideal for women that are looking just to walk around and experience an energetic work.

What are the disadvantages?

In case your baby’s heart must be supervised digitally you might not have the ability to use one.

They makes it awkward for your better half to massage your back. However this doesn’t need to be an issue as TENS machines can be taken off and re-applied effortlessly.  They can’t be utilized within the bath if you’re selecting to wash to alleviate discomfort. Again, this do not need to be an issue, as lengthy while you dry correctly before re-using your TENS you are able to switch between both types of discomfort relief.  They can’t be utilized with birthing pools, again this does not need to be an issue since many women use TENS machines within the increase to presenting a birthing pool his or her primary type of discomfort relief. Similar to having a bath, you are able to switch between your two.  Remember in case your TENS machine doesn’t work immediately, you need to persist not less than an hour or so to permit the body to determine its reaction. Even when it fails to dedicate yourself you that doesn’t imply that you cannot use other kinds of discomfort relief, that’s the good thing about them, they will not stop you against exploring other discomfort relief options.

Tips For Buying TENS Units Online

Friday, January 27th, 2012

For thousands of back pain sufferers, TENS units provide a lifeline, restoring the ability to function and reducing constant discomfort. TENS units, short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, are small electrical devices that can be carried around or worn on the body. Connected to the skin through two or more electrodes, they provide an electrical current that stimulates nerves reducing both acute and chronic muscle pain. While TENS units aren’t effective for everyone, for some people, they are the key to a more active lifestyle.

Due to their recent popularity, TENS units can currently be found for sale on many websites. This is a great way for pain sufferers to obtain afordable equipment for an inexpensive solution to their health issues. Before attempting to use these devices, however, it is important to consult with a professional to learn how to use them and what risks are involved.

Once you have decided to buy a TENS unit, there are a few decisions to make, and not all devices are created equal. Here are a few important things to look for in a new TENS unit:

- Confirm that a device is well designed. Make sure that buttons are clear and placed in such a way that it is difficult to accidentally change settings. No one wants a surprise electric shock when they bend down to tie their shoes. Some devices offer extra features that may be overly complicated for those with arthritis or reduced motor control.

- Check the expected battery life. Just like any electrical device, it’s best to buy something that uses energy efficiently and won’t burn through batteries too quickly.

- Width control refers to the amount of time the device stays on before it automatically shuts off. This will be important to determine based on your particular condition. Once again, it is always a good idea to consult with a medical professional.

- Make sure the electrodes are of a premium quality. The device is only useful as long as the electrodes properly connect to your skin. If you are buying a new package or if you are searching for replacement TENS unit electrodes for sale, there are three things to look for: 1. cloth-faced electrodes are more durable than the foam or rubber variety. 2. Look for a solid anchor where the lead enters the electrode. This directly affects how long the electrode will last. 3. Choose an electrode with strong adhesive strength that will remain effective over the long term.

With many attractive offers available online, TENS units are already reaching a much wider audience and providing relief for thousands of people. Sufferers of back pain would often pay a high premium for relief, but now they don’t have to. There are many high quality products available at low prices, so don’t wait to experience relief, learn more about TENS units today.

buying tens units online

Pain Relief With Portable TENS Units For Sale

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Portable TENS units are portable, battery-operated devices that are used to apply electric current to the skin in a bid to get relief from pain. TENS is an acronym of the technical name of this process——Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Even though portable TENS units can be bought without a medical prescription, it is advisable to use one only when it is prescribed by a doctor.

portable TENS units for sale

portable TENS units for sale

TENS works by stimulating the nerves around a region of the body by the application of the electric current. This stimulation overpowers other types of activities of the nerves, including the generation of pain, with the result that the patient gets immediate relief from pain. Over the long run, TENS is known to give relief from chronic pain by acting indirectly on the central nervous system.
Applying TENS Using a Portable TENS Unit
Since portable TENS units are invariably operated by battery, ensure that your unit is charged fully before using it. TENS devices consist of a body and one or more electrodes that are connected to the body. Most TENS devices have knobs and other controls on the body, which allow the user to change the power and frequency of the electric current generated by the device. Once you have set the device at the frequency and power required for your session, place the electrodes on the region of your skin where you require relief from pain. A conductive gel is usually applied to the bottom of the electrodes to make them more conductive, and to reduce irritation to the skin. You can now start the device, switching it off when the prescribed time is over.
Since TENS works locally, it is very important to put the electrodes on the right spot on your skin. If you place the electrodes even a few inches away from the spot which is the center of the pain, you risk wasting the session.
Precautions and Side Effects
Individuals who use a pacemaker should not apply electric stimulation to their skin and body. Electric current can interfere with the working of the pacemaker, with possibly deadly results. This means they should not use TENS at all. Pregnant women should take counsel from their doctor before using a portable TENS machine. Individuals with a heart condition should also avoid using this device. Portable TENS unit should not be used on the head, especially across the forehead, unless you are using a specific setting as advised by your physician. Consult your doctor before you use any TENS unit.
Portable TENS units are a godsend for people who require respite from extreme or chronic pain. If you have been prescribed the use of such a device, you can use it at home, office or while on the move. If used with caution, and as long as you are not susceptible to any harm from electric stimulation, they do not have any discernible side-effects, especially in the short term. You can use a portable TENS unit by attaching its electrodes to the region of your body that requires relief from pain, and switching it on for the duration prescribed by your physician. Pain relief could not be simpler.

What Ailments TENS Machines Help With

Monday, December 12th, 2011

TENS therapy is a pain killing treatment that involves the use of electrodes and a device to transmit an electric present through the skin. It’s not proven how this process works, however many patients have documented positive results from TENS therapy. Many doctors and physiotherapists in Australia suggest TENS therapy just as one alternative to drugs, deep tissue massage and other types of treatments. Modern TENS machines often provide an EMS function which not just helps to target the source of the trauma, because EMS penetrates more deeply into the body tissues it may actually help to stimulate muscles, increase bloodstream flower and repair torn and broken body tissues.

TENS Therapy Unit

Severe and chronic conditions helped by TENS include:

Acute Discomfort Conditions

Broken Bones
Giving birth Pains
Dental Pain
Fractured Ribs
Joint Strain
Muscle Muscle spasms
Post - Operative Pain
Pre-Menstrual Pain
Sporting Injuries
Tennis Elbow

Other types of pain assisted by TENS discomfort management include:

Joint disease
Back Pain
Cervical (neck) discomfort
Chronic Pain
Diabetic person Neuropathy
Facial Palsy
Head ache
Ischemic Pain
Leg Pain
Lower Back Pain
Natural Lesions
Phantom Limb Pain

TENS therapy seems to work well for some patients and is less effective for others and it varies in between treatments. If you are considering Hundreds therapy we strongly suggest you consult with your physician before starting any therapy. TENS is not suitable for some conditions, which is best administered with a professional who can speak you through aspects such as TENS pad positioning and the various applications and ways that the TENS machine may be used.