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Why Choose TENS Machines for Pain?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

No normal person can tolerate body pains, even those with high pain tolerance. As much as possible we use something to relieve the pain, if not pain pills such as ibuprofen and the likes, we apply mentholated oils and ointments. Body massage, reflexology, acupuncture are also few of the physical treatments we use to alleviate the discomfort we experience.
We know for a fact that taking pain pills often may cause us to depend on it and might even get ourselves immune to the medicine. On the other hand, oil and ointment application is not always effective and can irritate our skin in the long run. Body massage, acupuncture and other similar type of treatments can help ease the pain and at the same time relaxing, but not too budget-friendly especially if you need it often.
How about devices for pain relief? Have you heard about TENS machines?

TENS unit or TENS machine is a device with paddings that helps treat body pains through electric impulses that are delivered to specific parts of the body which blocks pain signals preventing them to reach the brain. Normally this device comes in handy and for different purposes.

The types of body pains that are recommended for TENS machines are arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pains. There are TENS units that could be used for headaches such as the electro-acupuncture type. TENS machines can also be used and recommended for labor pains, as well as dental pains. However, Tens machine use is not recommended for pains associated with cuts and burns.
TENS units, aside from the pain relief action, also gives a pampering and relaxing feeling to the user. It stimulates the muscle and nerves particularly the pressure points when the electrode pads are placed on the surface of the skin on the affected area. You can consider it as a nice buy and worth the money because the stimulation action also helps relieve stress. There are also evidences that shows how TENS units can help release endorphins in the body.
Having TENS machine in your home is a necessity nowadays because the whole family can make use of it. As technology advances, different TENS machine types are becoming available such as the sports TENS machines and mini TENS machines that you can bring with you anywhere you go. You can purchase the type you need for your lifestyle, and surely there is one that will suit you.
If body pains are not treated properly, there is a possibility for it to lead to something more serious. TENS machines could be a healthier choice compared to those other pain treatments mentioned on the first paragraph. At least, through TENS machine, no need for you to intake different kinds of pain medicines, or if you need so, lower dosage may be taken. You also don’t need to book for a massage or acupuncture schedule because TENS machine could give you the same benefits.

TENS Machines & Child Birth

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Regardless if you are striving for any hospital or home birth, TENS machines can behave as an excellent type of discomfort relief although you’re in the first stages of the dilation process.

How’s a TENS machine used?

TENS machines are small boxes with four wires and electrode pads, with these pads small electronic pulses are delivered to activate your own body’s natural discomfort relief responses.

This is how to make use of one:

Attach a couple of the pads underneath the line where your bra strap would usually lie and 2 just above your pants line. Just before affixing these pads you have to apply pre tens preparation gel.  After that you can either attach the clip in your tens machine to some convenient put on your clothing or contain the machine inside your hands.  Whenever you feel a contraction, push the heart beat button to transmit a digital pulse which will excite your body’s natural discomfort relief reactors.  Make use of the dial to regulate the amount of the electronic pulses in compliance with how strong your contractions are.

How can TENS machines work?

You will find two primary ideas about how exactly they work:

One theory would be that the electrical pulses prevent discomfort signals from reaching your mind.  The 2nd theory would be that the electrical pulses stimulate hormones. Hormones are feel great the body’s hormones that may combat discomfort naturally.  TENS machines will even give you complete treatments for your discomfort relief. Achieving a feeling of control throughout giving birth will help you feel well informed, the industry great discomfort management technique by itself.

When can one begin to use my TENS machine?

They may be used anytime throughout your work. Unlike types of discomfort relief for example birthing pools and epidurals, they’re not going to disturb the dilation process and midwives will recommend that you employ them just before 6cm’s. They may be used at hospital or in your own home, so wherever you choose to birth you can rely that using a TENS machine is permitted.

If you’re selecting a hospital birth it is crucial that you are renting or purchase one just before being accepted to hospital. Many hospitals won’t give a TENS machine upon your arrival since many women aren’t accepted until they’ve arrived at the greater established stages of work where they could use other kinds of discomfort relief. That doesn’t imply that you cannot play one throughout your work, it simply means that you ought to make sure you can offer one on your own.

Do you know the benefits of one?  They may be used at any time throughout your work. They will not disturb the dilation process unlike birth pools and epidurals, two types of discomfort relief that midwives are unwilling to grant just before 6cms because of the first administration of these growing the risk of getting an aided birth.  They may be utilized in hospital or in your own home. If you improve your birth plan in the last moment, you will not have wasted time by purchasing or leasing one.  You’ve complete control. Unlike an epidural you’ve treatments for when the first is used, how lengthy it lasts and you will find no lasting unwanted effects. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s not necessary to wait for this to put on off before selecting another type of discomfort relief.  They are simple to use. As long as you’re because of the proceed to make use of one after talking about your birth plan together with your midwife, you don’t need a healthcare professional around to implement using a TENS machine.  They’re portable and none invasive, which is ideal for women that are looking just to walk around and experience an energetic work.

What are the disadvantages?

In case your baby’s heart must be supervised digitally you might not have the ability to use one.

They makes it awkward for your better half to massage your back. However this doesn’t need to be an issue as TENS machines can be taken off and re-applied effortlessly.  They can’t be utilized within the bath if you’re selecting to wash to alleviate discomfort. Again, this do not need to be an issue, as lengthy while you dry correctly before re-using your TENS you are able to switch between both types of discomfort relief.  They can’t be utilized with birthing pools, again this does not need to be an issue since many women use TENS machines within the increase to presenting a birthing pool his or her primary type of discomfort relief. Similar to having a bath, you are able to switch between your two.  Remember in case your TENS machine doesn’t work immediately, you need to persist not less than an hour or so to permit the body to determine its reaction. Even when it fails to dedicate yourself you that doesn’t imply that you cannot use other kinds of discomfort relief, that’s the good thing about them, they will not stop you against exploring other discomfort relief options.