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Pain Relief With Portable TENS Units For Sale

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Portable TENS units are portable, battery-operated devices that are used to apply electric current to the skin in a bid to get relief from pain. TENS is an acronym of the technical name of this process——Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Even though portable TENS units can be bought without a medical prescription, it is advisable to use one only when it is prescribed by a doctor.

portable TENS units for sale

portable TENS units for sale

TENS works by stimulating the nerves around a region of the body by the application of the electric current. This stimulation overpowers other types of activities of the nerves, including the generation of pain, with the result that the patient gets immediate relief from pain. Over the long run, TENS is known to give relief from chronic pain by acting indirectly on the central nervous system.
Applying TENS Using a Portable TENS Unit
Since portable TENS units are invariably operated by battery, ensure that your unit is charged fully before using it. TENS devices consist of a body and one or more electrodes that are connected to the body. Most TENS devices have knobs and other controls on the body, which allow the user to change the power and frequency of the electric current generated by the device. Once you have set the device at the frequency and power required for your session, place the electrodes on the region of your skin where you require relief from pain. A conductive gel is usually applied to the bottom of the electrodes to make them more conductive, and to reduce irritation to the skin. You can now start the device, switching it off when the prescribed time is over.
Since TENS works locally, it is very important to put the electrodes on the right spot on your skin. If you place the electrodes even a few inches away from the spot which is the center of the pain, you risk wasting the session.
Precautions and Side Effects
Individuals who use a pacemaker should not apply electric stimulation to their skin and body. Electric current can interfere with the working of the pacemaker, with possibly deadly results. This means they should not use TENS at all. Pregnant women should take counsel from their doctor before using a portable TENS machine. Individuals with a heart condition should also avoid using this device. Portable TENS unit should not be used on the head, especially across the forehead, unless you are using a specific setting as advised by your physician. Consult your doctor before you use any TENS unit.
Portable TENS units are a godsend for people who require respite from extreme or chronic pain. If you have been prescribed the use of such a device, you can use it at home, office or while on the move. If used with caution, and as long as you are not susceptible to any harm from electric stimulation, they do not have any discernible side-effects, especially in the short term. You can use a portable TENS unit by attaching its electrodes to the region of your body that requires relief from pain, and switching it on for the duration prescribed by your physician. Pain relief could not be simpler.

What Ailments TENS Machines Help With

Monday, December 12th, 2011

TENS therapy is a pain killing treatment that involves the use of electrodes and a device to transmit an electric present through the skin. It’s not proven how this process works, however many patients have documented positive results from TENS therapy. Many doctors and physiotherapists in Australia suggest TENS therapy just as one alternative to drugs, deep tissue massage and other types of treatments. Modern TENS machines often provide an EMS function which not just helps to target the source of the trauma, because EMS penetrates more deeply into the body tissues it may actually help to stimulate muscles, increase bloodstream flower and repair torn and broken body tissues.

TENS Therapy Unit

Severe and chronic conditions helped by TENS include:

Acute Discomfort Conditions

Broken Bones
Giving birth Pains
Dental Pain
Fractured Ribs
Joint Strain
Muscle Muscle spasms
Post - Operative Pain
Pre-Menstrual Pain
Sporting Injuries
Tennis Elbow

Other types of pain assisted by TENS discomfort management include:

Joint disease
Back Pain
Cervical (neck) discomfort
Chronic Pain
Diabetic person Neuropathy
Facial Palsy
Head ache
Ischemic Pain
Leg Pain
Lower Back Pain
Natural Lesions
Phantom Limb Pain

TENS therapy seems to work well for some patients and is less effective for others and it varies in between treatments. If you are considering Hundreds therapy we strongly suggest you consult with your physician before starting any therapy. TENS is not suitable for some conditions, which is best administered with a professional who can speak you through aspects such as TENS pad positioning and the various applications and ways that the TENS machine may be used.

Info On TENS Units

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

A TENS Unit can offer non-pharmaceutical control for pain which could lower dependency on medicinal drugs. These are very easy for all patients to handle and could be worn while doing daily activities at the office and also during fun exercises. They are non-addictive and inexpensive.

They are simple and safe to use with no risks connected to surgical treatment or strong narcotic drugs. Patients will be able to think clearly because they are living with a narcotic fog, in doing so it is possible to live a more active and productive lifestyle. The stimulation from the TENS unit electrodes eliminates pain by arousing the peripheral nerves using what is called a gate control system. This gate control concept of pain indicates that a control mechanism serving as a gate can be found within the spinal cord.

According to this particular theory, the electrical signals from TENS units signify a non-noxious feedback. This input inhibits pain by shutting the gate from incoming poisonous input, like back pain felt from arthritic. When the gate is sealed using non-noxious stimuli, for instance like what is supplied by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimuli or TENS, then the body won’t be able to process this noxious stimulus and so the pain is going to be reduced. The following is a more in depth clarification.

There are actually two kinds of cells within the spinal cord that receives signals. One is called transmission and the other is inhibitory. The transmission cells can be stimulated by incoming impulses and once a crucial tolerance level is achieved, pain begins since the gate opens up and the brain will receive those signals and then process them as pain. Inhibitory cells are responsible for inhibiting the activation of transmission cells, in that way will close the gate and keep it closed. TENS unit will work to stimulate the inhibitory cells and shut the gate.

The TENS devices generate two distinct current wavelengths under the threshold for the amount of pain that patients are able to tolerate. By doing this, they close up the gate instead of opening it.

TENS Unit Hire - Advantages and Disadvantages

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Looking for the perfect pain relief can prove to be an arduous job. If you’ve already tried numerous pain relief pills, pads and creams that are offered on the market today, then it’s time that you set your eyes towards a much more effective, although unconventional answer. Want to know more on such a TENS machine employ can do to relieve a person for chronic pain? Here’s a short post that will teach you from the advantages and disadvantages of a it.

But first, let’s discuss what a TENS machine is capable of doing. Making use of the technology called Transcutaneous Digital Nerve stimulation, the Tens machine hire basically stimulates the muscle using electrodes in order for the pain to go away. Various wavelengths and intensities associated with electrical current tend to be passed through these electrodes to block pain signals coming from the nerve channels. Since the electrical doses come in bearable amounts, it targets pain in the root without causing any harmful negative effects.

A basic Tens Machine hire consists of a manage unit, a number of electrodes as well as an easy instructional guide that will teach you how you can properly work the equipment. Be sure to choose a device that is appropriate for the condition that you seek pain relief as there are some models that can support more than eight electrodes. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional if you have any kind of concerns about this if you are planning to get.

If you’re continuously suffering from chronic discomfort, it might be best to invest in a machine of your own instead of rely on Tens device for hire each and every time. Although insurance doesn’t generally pay for buying a device, it’s something that you might want to consider investing in, especially if it’s given you very astounding results in yesteryear. If you’re going to wind up spending a lot of money on a Tens machine employ, you might as well get a very own unit. There are currently a number of online stores that offer the Tens unit for sale if you want to save a little bit of money, don’t forget to make a price comparison first before making an order.

Featured Product - Smart TENZ, TENS Machine

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

SMART TENZ, TENS Unit with AC ADAPTER and Everything Needed for Use

LGMedSupply is proud to introduce the LG-SMART TENS Unit. The LG-SMART TENS is the newest TENS Unit on the market and has something that many units do not - Therapeutic Body Area Selection! Simply stated, you will not find many TENS Units with this functionality. The LG-SMART TENS works with AC Adapter and Batteries. Yes, the LG-SMART is here! This is our first TENS Unit where you can choose the PRE-SET BODY AREA right on the LCD Screen. PRETTY SMART, HUH? Simply select the Display TENS Therapeutic Mode (10 Different Body Areas) Choose the exact body area you wish to treat. The unit covers every part of the body, in fact, there are 10 body therapeutic areas you can choose from right on the digital display screen. You may choose desired therapeutic area: Neck, Shoulder, Mid Back, Low Back, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Foot. IN ADDITION, you can control the unit the traditional way: Pulse Width, Pulse Rate, and Intensity. We are certain that this is the “SMARTEST” TENS Unit you have ever used or seen.

Reviews on this TENS Machine for Sale:

5.0 out of 5 stars Works great., August 30, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: LGMedSupply SMART TENZ, TENS Unit with AC ADAPTER and Everything Needed for Use (Health and Beauty)

I have lower back pain caused by a bulging disc and way too much heavy lifting in my lifetime. Sciatic problems are severe. Years ago I had a tens unit as a prescription. You couldn’t buy them then. This is great that I could find one that works just right for my needs. Easy to use. The different modes allow to set for how much you can stand or just enough to provide stimulation to the nerves. Make sure you know what you’re doing and where to apply pads before using. Not a toy.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, October 15, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: LGMedSupply SMART TENZ, TENS Unit with AC ADAPTER and Everything Needed for Use (Health and Beauty)

My TENS unit makes it possible for me to continue to work. My old one helped, but the wires were too short and the timer could only be set for 20 minutes. With this unit I can put it on continuous and the wires are long enough that I can put the unit in my pocket without pulling them out of the pads. It is just overall a quality product for a very fair price. thank you for allowing me to remain a productive senior citizen.

Really helps…, October 30, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: LGMedSupply SMART TENZ, TENS Unit with AC ADAPTER and Everything Needed for Use (Health and Beauty)

I have chronic back back for years now and while recently visiting a relative, let me try their TENS unit. I used it for 30mins that evening and the next morning that particular pain (area)that I had been experiencing was gone. Six weeks later I still have back pain but not the area in which I treated that evening. As soon as possible I purchased my own. This TENS unit is meeting my expectations.

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Smart TENZ - Featured TENS Machine for Sale